OST Consulting GmbH

Our customers benefit from specialized services and solutions to simplify their compliance pathways and their recycling plans, in Germany, France, Spain, Austria, the United Kingdom, the United States, and more


support: Developed a system that provides professional services for cross-border e-commerce over two years and has a professional IT team to test and upgrade the system to ensure data security.

As a cross-border e-commerce compliance SaaS platform solution provider, our company launched a one-stop tax compliance intelligent SaaS management platform in February 2020. Through the "AI big data" + "SaaS cloud service" model, Ost can comprehensively monitor and manage EPR and other related compliance sectors. With the business philosophy of "achieving customers and embracing changes", we continue to develop a smarter, more efficient, and more creative SaaS platform to provide users with the most cost-effective compliance services from point (seller) to end (global), truly reduce the burden on cross-border e-commerce companies, and help sellers to move goods around the world.

EPR service

Compliance check: one-click check to match the applicable EPR type

API docking: the system docks with the recycling company, and you can get your registration number faster

Online payment: Online payment of recycling fees, supporting multiple types of card numbers

EPR query: all kinds of EPR validity query

EPR management: manage all kinds of EPR in one account